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Got to London and made a purchase of the DVD so I could get my wristband, met up with some lovely lovely people ... slightly disturbed to find I was the only Mangan fangirl LOL

The pink wristbands own your soul!

As we were round the corner we couldn't actually see anyone but we bloody heard them arrive to a bunch of howls
We made our way slowly down to the table and I took some pretty decent pictures leading up to the main event

Obviously by this point I was pretty near to Steve and I was all over excited and all that... for some reason I let out some strange squeak of excitement and I heard Steve say something to someone about that sounding like a mouse.
I ducked down and pretended I was not the culprit.

Got to Steve and he asked if I was a Julian fan girl too to which I replied something along the lines of ... NOOOO it's all about you... prompting him to write Oh yes! on the dvd cover XD
And I told him it was me who was the mouse and so he wrote EEK! at the end too XD
Then I got a lovely lovely picture of him

Isn't he pretty?! I luff him!
He is better than your face!
He is so lovely and nice and I wanted to lick him.

Then I met Karl and he was pretty quiet and I was still a bit funky from meeting Steve but I managed to get a picture

I don't really know what my face is all about.
The knowledge of Karl being friends with Russell Brand was a bit hilarious when I pictured them hanging out and all that

Then I edged over to Mark Heap... who is a comedy genius
I didn't really get to say too much to him but I asked for a picture and he leaned over and said something in my ear
I think it was just like Hello or something but they way he said it was just really good...
which explains why my face is distorted in the picture cause I was trying not to do a LOL

Then I went over to Pippa .. I didn't get much of a chance to say anything to cause of other stuff but once again I got a picture cause I am just all sneaky and super like that

Then to our horror the most annoying thing in the bloody world happened
After we had met everyone else Julian pops up ... We are not allowed to go back and the security are desperately trying to make us move
It was a bit ugh after waiting and then we missed out but I'm over it so whatever
Managed to get a quick picture though

Notice the dark hair!!!
I was looking at the pictures on the train and zoomed right in on this one to have a proper look at the hair... well noticable despite the hat

Sooo we all wanted to meet Julian and decided to join the back of the queue again and attempt to make it back round
While this was going on I thought I would head up onto the stairs and try to get a sneaky view... which I did

SLASH! That right there is a slashy fan girls wet dream. Yessssss

And that was it. =[
We never got to meet Julian because he ran away after a little bit and didn't venture back
We went to Pizza hut for a bit to relive the experience and take the fun old pictures


And I was very clever and scanned my cover when I got in

Notice the love from Steve ... LOVE! XD

Was super really... Annnnnd I watched the DVD when I got in and felt all tingly =]

Thought I would share the lovely events from the Special signing XD
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